Leave Application Templates

Application for Urgent Piece of Work Format, Template, Sample, Example

The application of urgent piece of work is written by the students and workers who stumbled upon an emergency or…

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Half Day Leave Application Letter Format & Templates: Leave Letter for requesting Half Day Off

The Half Day Off Leave application letter is written by the students to their teachers in order to request the…

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Applications for Leave from College with different Excuses: Leave Letter Format from College, College Leave Application Template, Sample, Examples

If you are planning to take a day off from your college then you need to provide a valid excuse…

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Application for Leave of Absence: Leave of Absence Application Letter Format, Template, Sample

The leave of Absence is written by the student or the office worker in order to request a day off…

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Application for Leave due to Eye infection: Samples, Templates, Examples

Eyes infection has been a serious health issue in recent times due to which students or employees need leaves from…

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Absence Excuse Letter: Absence Excuse Letter for Office, School, College University, Institute

The absence excuse letter is a kind of letter written by the student or an office worker to provide the…

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Application for Coming Late in School – Application for Being Late at School Template – Arriving Late at School Application Letter Sample

You need an application letter in case you will be arriving late in school. An application for coming late in…

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Application for Paid Leave: Paid Leave Letter Format, Paid Leave Template, Paid Leave Sample and Examples

The application for paid leave grants you official leave from work without compromising on your salary; that means you still…

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