Absence Excuse letters

Absence Excuse Letter: Absence Excuse Letter for Office, School, College University, Institute

Leave of Absence Excuse from Work or School

The absence excuse letter is a kind of letter written by the student or an office worker to provide the reason for their absence from work or school or from an institute.

Absence Excuse Letter for Educational Institute

The below application is from a student to the headmaster of the school explaining why he couldn’t attend an important event of the school in which his participation was very necessary.

Excuse Application to Principal

Honorable Sir,

It is respectfully stated that I have been a student in your school for the last 8 years. My name is Paul Smith and my roll number is 543-118. Yesterday the annual sports gala was held in the school. It had immense importance for the school. I was offered the lead role in a drama for the event due to which it was very important that I attend the event. Due to some urgent business I had at home, I was not able to attend the event and had to take a leave. My father met with a serious accident while he was coming back from another city on his business trip. Being the eldest among my siblings, I had to take care of themselves because all the family members were at the hospital to look after my father. I know the importance of my attendance at such an important event, but I had no other option and had to take an absence from school. 

I hope that my explanation for my absence will be able to help you in understanding the problem which I had to face. Therefore, it is respectfully stated that you please accept my apology. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Sincerely,
Paul Smith.

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