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Late Joining Application Template, Samples – Application Letter for Delay in Joining Samples

In any case when a person joins the school, College, Event, Convocation, Offices later than the scheduled time then an application is written to the concerned authorities which are known as late joining Application.

There are some formats for the guidance of how to write an application for stating your excuse to higher management.

Application for the delay in joining the Internship Program

The Principal,
Join hands foundation,
Bleeker’s street,

Subject: Reason for the late joining of the internship program.

Respected sir,

I have been outside of the country for the past two months as school authorities were informed. For the reason stated above, I could not join the summer internship program from the start.

I have discussed my issue before leaving the country, to my person-in-charge of admissions and I was very delighted to know that my spot has been confirmed in this program.

I would like to start my internship from 4th March as now I have returned.

If you accept this application as my apology for the absence it will be really appreciated. I have great insights into the project I am going to work on. My name is in the research and development department, Group B and I would like to continue it with my fellows. I would not like to change this for the benefit of the school.

Thank You,
Sarah Bloome.


The President,
Higher research foundation,
Adam’s Ville,

Subject: Request letter for joining late in the summer internship program.

Dear madam,

I have been registered as an internee by my institution. My final exams are going on and I have to study to secure good grades in it. I was supposed to join your organization in the first week of June but due to exams, I will be joining your organization from 15th June.

Thank you.

Aina Neal.


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