Apology Letter for Coming Late

Application for Being Late: Samples, Templates, Examples

Letter of Apology for Being Late

Whenever a person does not reach office as it is scheduled, or in any case requires permission to arrive late an application must be written to higher management is called application for late coming.


Due to any reason like traffic, accident, heavy rain or snowfall or road blockage, the employee is late to arrive at work (office, factory or school) these applications can be submitted for a statement of excuse.

Letter of apology for late coming to the office.

Ms. Marry Anne,
Head of human resources,
Berkshire Hathaway,
The USA.

Subject: Apology of late coming into the office.

Respected Madam,

I work as a chartered accountant in the accounts department of your company. As you can review my attendance record I am highly punctual. Today I left my home as per my everyday schedule. But the traffic in my area was jammed due to undergoing construction of a building nearby. For the reason I came late, I know the policies of the company in reference to latecomers but my reason is genuine for which I can not be held responsible. It is to assure you that from now on I will not be late in an office again.

Kindly accept this letter of apology from me for coming in late.

Thank you.

Micheal Clark,
Chartered accountant.

Application for Arriving late in office:

The General manager,
Nestle International ltd.,

Subject: Application for permission to arrive late at the office

Respected sir,

As per your knowledge my son is suffering from a brain tumor, he was admitted in ICU from last week but in the morning I got a call from the hospital that his condition is very serious and they have to perform surgery immediately. For this reason, I have to rush to the hospital please allow me to come to the office three hours late from the scheduled timing. I will be very thankful to you.

Renold Bleek.

Apology letter for coming late in the office due to rain.

The head of sales,
Abbott nutrition International,

Subject: Apologizing for late coming into the office.

Honorable sir,

Due to heavy rain conditions, traffic in the city is very affected. There were speed restrictions and traffic jams throughout my way to work, I left my place by the time I usually do but I got late due to the reason mentioned above. I humbly request you to mark me present today. I will be much careful about informing you in advance if any kind of situation occurs in the future.

Thank you.

Sales manager,
William Corey.


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