Casual Leave Application

Casual Leave Application Letter: Format, Sample, Example, and Template

Casual Leave Letter

Casual leave is the one which can be granted In case of emergencies or urgency. It is not pre-planned and can not be taken in advance. Employees can not cash these at the time of leave but they will be paid during the period of employment and workers will be paid when returning to work.

A letter of absenteeism is written to the concerned department whenever any employee due to some reason needs to leave the organization temporarily or for a few days, this not only gives the employer the required time to get prepared and also civility or professionalism of the employee is reflected.

The samples provided below will help an employee to get an idea of how to write an application for casual leaves if he is unfit for work.

Casual Leave Application Letter Sample

ABC Company,
Address Insertion.

Subject matter: Demanding Casual leave

Respected Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Name of the employer),

It is to inform you that I need to take care of some important matter due to which i have to travel out of the city, Given the case, i won’t be able to work at the office from (initial/starting date) to (final/ending date) 

In my absence, he (person’s name) will be assigned to complete my tasks and I have communicated that he can call me in any concern.

If you consider approving my application I will be very grateful to you.

Yours faithfully/sincerely,
(Name of leave requester).

Casual Leave Application Format

XYZ Company,
Address Insertion.

Subject matter: Requesting for Casual leave 

Dear Name of recipient (Mr./Mrs./Ms.),

I am an employee in your company in department XYZ and to attend the funeral of a very close relative I have to travel to manhattan,  for the reason i would like to apply for leave for (number of days) and i will join the office again from (Date of rejoining)

My mobile and email shall be active and can be reached in case of any concerns. In my absence (name of person) will be looking after my assigned task.

It will be a great pleasure for me if you consider my application.

Your sincere employee,
(Name of applier).

Casual Leave Application Template

XYZ Company,
Address Insertion.

Subject matter: Requirement of casual leaves

Honorable Mr./Mrs./Ms.(name of recipient),

It is my duty to inform you that I will not make it work tomorrow due to an engagement with my son to his graduation function tomorrow and it goes from morning to evening.

For any immediate concern, you can contact me on my phone as well as on email, when i am absent Ms. (employee name) will take the charge of my duties as she can effectively do so as i have given her clear instructions about it.

It is my humble request to accept this application and grant me leave of one day,

Yours sincerely/truly,
(Name of employee).

Casual Leave Application Example

XYZ School,
Address Insertion.

Subject matter: Casual Leave application

Most respectfully Ms./Mr./ Mrs.,

My nephew is about to get married and he has invited me as a special guest. For some reason, i can not miss his wedding is scheduled on (date) at (place). For the above reason, i will be on off from (date starting) to (closing date). 

The assigned work of this week has been done and submitted and in my absence, i am putting Mr. (employee) as in-charge to get checked on any immediate matter.

Kindly consider the above reason and approve my leave, I will be very pleased.

Looking forward to your response.

Yours truly/sincerely,
(Name of employee).


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