Casual Leave Application

Casual Leave Application to Principal, Headmaster and Teacher, Samples, Examples and Templates


A leave which is not pre-planned and can be taken in the case of any urgency or emergency is called casual leave.

In any case, emergency teachers can call off a day and write an application in order to inform the
principles of casual leaves.

Same way, the students can also provide Casual Leave Application to the principal in case they have taken a day off for any casual reason.

There are some samples for school teachers to apply for leave if they need an off due to any casual or personal reasons.

Requesting Casual Leave for School:

the Principal,
The Great leader’s foundation,
Chicago, USA.

Subject: Casual leave from school

Respected madam,

With all due respect I, Mrs. Suzanne Amy, a teacher of a secondary level teaching subject of physics. The purpose of this application is to inform you that I have to take my kids to Disneyland at Anaheim California and it is a three days trip. For the purpose stated above, I would like to request leaves by 4th January 2021 and request you to arrange a substitute teacher as well. Looking forward to your support and response.

Thank you,
Mrs. Suzane Amy.

Application for Casual Leave to the Headmaster

The Headmaster,
Prattville Christian Academy,
Prattville, Alabama.

Highly regarded headmaster,

I am Jamie Merlock, a student of grade 10 at your school. I am in need of casual leave because some guests on my mom’s side are coming over from the suburbs. They are very close relatives of ours and I will be the only helper of my mom in her house chores during their stay. I am meeting them after about 5 years so I will be spending some quality time with them. For the reason mentioned above kindly grant me two days’ leave from school. I will be very grateful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Jamie Merlock,
Grade 10th,
Enrollment No.3485

Application for casual leave to pay bills

The school principal,
Cleaveland high school,

With due respect,

It is to inform you that I, James Connell, have been working as a science teacher in your school for the past 4 years and it has been a great experience since then.

As per your knowledge, I have taken some loans from the bank to pay a few bills and I have been unable to pay my due installments for the past 2 months. The last due date of paying installment is tomorrow and if I don’t pay the bank, It will charge a huge amount on me. For the reason mentioned above, I would like to request a leave for one day.

 I will really appreciate it if you grant me this favor.

James Connell.

Application to the principal for Casual leave.

The school principal,

Bibb County High School,

Respected sir,

My sister is getting married tomorrow in the country hillside and she has asked me to help her out with some arrangements that can be made. For that reason, I have to go to her place in Chicago which makes me unable to come to school tomorrow. Please allow me one day leave. I will be very thankful to you for your kindness.

Yours obediently,
William Luis,
Grade 10.

Urgent leave application for Casual Reason

The school principal,
Daphne high school,
Daphne, USA.

Respected madam,

I have just received a call that my mother was met in a car accident and they are keeping her in an emergency. All of my lectures have been held except maths which I will cover in my coming sessions. For now, I need to leave school immediately and go see my mother. Kindly allow me to leave.

Micheal James.


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