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One of the ways of requesting a break from some organization you work is the leave application. The students of college mostly follow the rules of college when they want to take a break from college. Moreover, they mostly write an application for leave. However, you have to write the reason for which you need the break in an application. Additionally, you also have to make sure that the organization or college accepts your leave application. 

Your request for leave will not be rejected if you write a valid reason for the leave in your application. Especially, if you are taking leave for some personal cause like, sickness, some important work or staying with your sick parents at home.  

The leave application must contain authentic, relevant and appropriate information. While writing a leave application you must be careful about grammatical and punctuation mistakes and avoid them. The application should not be written in an informal way. Somehow it should be in a formal and official manner. 

Way of Writing a Leave Application?

Kinds of leave applications

In the office environment, the official and formal leave applications make huge changes in the matter of communication. For office purposes, you may possibly need an easy and readable official leave application and email.  These are as follows:

  • Sick leave application/ medical leave
  • Leave Application for Doctor’s appointment 
  • Wedding leave application
  • Parental leave
  • Leave application for urgent work 
  • Request for yearly paid holiday
  • Application for study/educational  leave
  • Leave application for family support
  • Application for social work 
  • Leave for staying with sick parents at home
  • Request for vacation leave
  • Application leave due to poor climatic condition
  • Request for much-needed break from work
  • Application to take off from work without pay
  • Application for going to court as a witness
  • Leave for religious rituals
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Paid leave application before the childbirth 
  • Childcare leave
  • Short term disability leave 

Format for leave Application Letters

There are many things you should keep in mind while writing a leave application. Different formats are used for different leave applications. For writing an application for school, office, work, internship you should keep in mind the specific pattern so that your application is accepted and leave must be granted to you. For writing an official and formal leave application you should use the following pattern.

Name of applicant:
Job Title:
Name of organization:
Date: (Date of writing application)

Name of Boss:
Job Title:
Name of Organization:
Subject: (Main topic of the application)

Body of leave letter:

Part 1: 

The first part of the body of application contains information about the manager or the boss of the company and reports him that you want to take a break from the office work. You should also write a purpose and time period of the leave in the application. You should write brief and to the point information in the application.

Part 2:

In the second part, you should state all the information about your ongoing projects. If any of your work in incomplete and you are assigning your work to another member of the team so you should give complete detail of this matter in the letter.

Part 3:

At the end of the application, you should be thankful to the boss or manager of the company (to whom you are writing the application) for accepting your application. For emergency conditions, you should provide your contact information.

Concluding your application with:
Yours Sincerely,
Your initials

Your name

Sample of Leave Application Letter:

Following is the pattern of leave application or letter for professional use:

Andy Wilson,
Associate Manager,
Universal Impex, China, Add date here

Mr. John Roger,
Executive Director,
Subject: Application for some important work at home 

Respected Mr. Roger

It is to inform you that I have to go to my village for six days. I should be there for finishing the official procedure of my newly purchased land. I have to take leave from “add date here” to “add date here” after completing my land’s paperwork. In my absence, Mr. James will be handling my work. Mr. James is the responsible man and he will keep me informed about ongoing work.   

I shall be very grateful to you for this act of kindness. If there is any emergency contact me at my cell number.

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,
Andy Wilson.

Format of Leave Application Letter Mails-Sample of Leave letter Email

These days, informal and formal emails are considered ideal by every company for communication purposes. So if someone wants to take leave for a few days then they should send an official email request for leave application as explained below:

Though, letters do the same work as emails as if they can be sent to the person who will do their work on time. For writing an email about the leave application these rules should be followed:

Instructions for writing application email for leave:

  • Leave application should be written in a polite and generous way.The information in the application should be written in an official manner.
  • The duration and purpose of leave should be discussed in detail in the application.
  • Any required document should be attached properly.
  • Application should be rechecked and corrections are made before submission.

Normally, emails and letters for writing an application used the same pattern. The formal pattern for writing a leave application is given below: 

The Pattern or Format of Leave Application Email:

Your Email Address,
Date (Date of writing email).

The recipient’s email address,
Subject: Main theme of the email.


The content of the email contains all the necessary information for leave. The time period, reason for leave and ongoing project should be stated clearly. In the end, say thank you to the manager of the company/organization for approving your leave application.

Thank You,
Name of Applicant.

Example for Leave Application/Letter Emails

Your Email Address ([email protected]),
Date: Jan 21st, 2020,
Subject: Bereavement Leave.

Dear Ayesha,

The purpose of writing this mail is to let you know about the death of my mother. It is the most crucial time for me and my family. Due to this unexpected death of my mother, I am not able to come to the office. So please allow me to take leave for one day for the funeral prayer of my mother i.e. ‘adds date here’.  I apologize if my absence will cause any problem in the office. I will complete my work as soon as possible without any further after joining. During my absence, Mr. Aslam will take care of my responsibilities. 

I will be very thankful to you if you approve my application.

Thank you,
Yours Faithfully,

Sample of Medical Leave Letter Application

James Trish,
TELECOM, USA, Add date here.

Jason Roger,
HRM, TELECOM, Pakistan.
Subject: Medical Leave

Respected Mr. Jason

It is to inform you that I am going through small surgery for back pain on “add date here”. I will join the office shortly after the surgery on ‘add date here”.  After the successful operation, I am able to throw away my backache which inhibits every activity for the past so many years. The documents which are required have been attached to the letter. I am striving hard to finish my work on time before taking leave. My team members will take the responsibilities of my work without any hindrance.

This operation will make me more creative towards my job and assist me in concentrating more on my work. I shall be very thankful to you if you consider the application. If there is any emergency contact me on my cell number.

Thank you,
Yours Sincerely,


James Trish.

Example of Application for Sick Leave

This section contains the pattern for the leave application for illness to give a better understanding to the readers.

Nadia Jamal,
Security In-charge,

Mickey Arthur,
HRM, XYZ Oman.
Subject: Sick Leave Application

Respected Mr. Arthur,

The purpose of writing the application is to inform you of my bad health. I am not feeling well for the past few days with a severe headache. So I should take a break from office work and have rest at home for three days on doctors’ advice from “date here” to “date here”. The medical certificate has been attached to the letter for confirmation. I often check my account for work-related important emails and will try to do some work when at home. And I will complete my work which is missed after returning back from leave.  

 If any other document is needed please let me know. In case of emergency contact me on my phone.

Yours Sincerely,
Nadia Jamal.

Example of Urgent Piece of work Leave Application Letter

Abdullah Gill,
Protocol Officer,
XYZ, China.
Add date here

Mr. James Jordon,
Executive Director,
XYZ, China.

Subject: Application for urgent piece of work

Respected Mr. Jordon,

With due respect, It is stated that I am a 17th scale protocol officer in the company. Due to some important work at home, I am not able to come to the office today i.e. “Add Date here”. I know that there are so many inline projects for today that are most important for me too, but my presence at home is also necessary. I handed over my important consignments to my team member Mr. Mosel, who will work on it in my absence.   

In case of any emergency or query contact me on my cell phone. Kindly allow me to leave for one day. Thanking you in advance.

Yours faithfully,
Abdullah Gill.

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