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Annual Leave Encashment Leave Letter

Leave Encashment is defined as the Money claimed for the unclaimed leave days by an employee. Funds of Leave Encashment can be claimed by the employe during their service period or at the time of retirement.


The paid period of time or days off provided to employees excluding the public holidays which can be applied and requested in advance are called annual leaves.

Leave encashment is known as the paid annual leaves that you have not utilized in the entire year for any general or personal reason. If your company allows you to encash as per contract these are some samples that can be used to write an application to the department of human resources for leave encashment at the end of the financial year.

Sample Applications for Encashment of Annual Leaves

The human resource manager,
Abbott international ltd,
Chicago Illinois.

Subject: Application for Leave Encashment

Honorable sir/mam,

With all due respect, I have been in charge of services in the department of human resources and my year has been successfully completed on 15th March 2021. As per the company policy of the company I would like to encash my remaining leaves. I will be very grateful to you if you consider this.

Thanking you in with great apprehension,

Jamie Wilde,
Human resource manager.

Letter for Requesting Leave Encashment

The Sales Manager,
JP-morgan chase bank,
New york city, new york.

Subject: Application for Leave Encashment

Respected Madam,

I am Michael Parady working in JP-Morgan Chase bank for the last two years. As in your knowledge, the company policy states the leave encashment for employees at the year-end.

I require some money in order to travel to some other city for some business, for this reason, I have taken a few leaves and want to encash the remaining leaves as early as possible. Kindly, favor me and grant me the encashed amount as per your convenience.

I will remain thankful for your kindness,

Yours faithfully,
Micheal Parady.

Format for Application of Encashment of Annual Leaves

The Accounts manager,
American fidelity sales career,
Louis, MO.

Subject: Requesting for annual leave encashment


It is stated in the company’s policy that leaves encashment will be offered to every employee at the end of the year. It is to inform you by being a hardworking employee my leave encashment of the year (XXXX) has not been granted till yet.

I will really appreciate it if you provide me with a facility for leave encashment. It would be good to motivate me towards work.

Thankful to you,
A sincere employee,
Tracy Rose.


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