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Application for Coming Late in School – Application for Being Late at School Template – Arriving Late at School Application Letter Sample

Application for Coming Late in School Example, Template, Sample

You need an application letter in case you will be arriving late in school. An application for coming late in school will get you protected from any possible punishment as prescribed by the school. 

This is a sample application from a student who will be coming late to school due to some reason for a month.

Sample Application for Coming Late in School

Clarkson’s School,

Subject: Late Arrival in School Application

Respected Principal,

I have written this application to request you about coming late to school. It will be due for this month only. It is because I reach the school on my father’s conveyance but he is going out of town. His office work demands his vehicle so I will be left with no other option other than using the local bus for traveling. The timings of the first local bus start at 7:15 which will get me to school by 8:30. This unexpected turn of events demand a little more effort and consequently will require some extra time. So, I request you to allow me to enter the school late by half an hour in the ongoing month.

Your’s Sincerely,

Letter for Coming Late to School

Below is a sample for a letter from a student to the headmaster in which he explains why he came to school late than usual for a day.

Sample letter for Coming Late to School

The Headmaster,
Garrison Academy for Boys,

Subject: arriving Late in school

Dear Sir,

I beg to state that my residence is very far from my school since I reside in Bahria Town, Lahore. It takes me more than 45 minutes to reach the school. I am a regular student and am never late. However, due to the rain, I was unable to make it on time. It is because I travel via my bike and I had to wait for the rain to stop before I could get on my way. Consequently, I could get to my first class on time and I regret it. I am requesting you to give me permission to attend the class so that I do not miss the rest of the lecture. 

I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,
Asghar Khan.
Class: IX-A.

Application for Urgent Piece of Work and Being Late in School

A student has an urgent piece of work at home due to which he will be late while coming to school. Below is a sample application from the student to the concerned teacher.

Sample application for Today I Will Come Late

Yonex School,

Subject: Today i will come late (Today being late)

Respected Teacher,

It is stated with due respect that I am a student of class 9th B. Being in your supervision, I need to draw your attention to the fact that I have an urgent piece of work at home. I am sure sir that you are aware that my father’s job is overseas and he was back in the country for the last 3 months. However, the holidays have now expired and he is expected to return to his job today. He will be traveling via air at 7 am today. Due to this, I will be unable to attend the school on time as I will be accompanying my father to drop him off at the airport. The minimum time that one needs to get back from the airport to our school is more than an hour. So it is please requested that I am allowed to enter the school at 10 am just for today. 

Yours obediently,

Application for Coming Late to School Regularly/Daily

Below is an application from a student to the headmaster in which he explains why he needs relaxation in the reporting time for school due to some reason.

Sample application for Coming Late to School Regularly/Daily

Linning School,

Subject: Coming Late to School Regularly or Daily

Respected Teacher,

I beg to state that I am a student of class 10th in your institute but I am unable to reach the school punctually for quite some time now. Consequently, I have been regularly warned by the administration to be punctual. This is why I am writing this application to explain why I am getting to school late every day. I am the eldest among my siblings due to which I owe a lot of responsibilities to my family one of them is getting my sister to the school. You might be aware of the fact that my father works abroad and due to which I am responsible for taking my sister to and back from her school. Her school is 10 kilometers away from our house and there are no means of transport that she can take to get there by herself. The timings in the morning for schools are the same mostly and so is the case with me and her. I do my best to make her reach the school fifteen minutes earlier than my time but, on my way back, I daily get interrupted by a railway station where the train gets me late by fifteen minutes. Consequently, I make it to the school late by twenty minutes. I try hard but unfortunately, I am unable to get rid of this situation and I am hoping for you to understand too. I am requesting you to understand my problem and please allow me the required relaxation. 

Yours respectfully,

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