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Explanation Letters Format & Template for Absent due to Any Reason from Work with Samples

Explanation Letters of being Absent without Informing Anyone:

You need an explanation letter for being absent from the workplace or from an educational institution for any possible reason. The format of the explanation letter for being absent for any reason is almost the same for all organizations and schools.

Here are the samples of absence due to any reason from work. Request letter of the worker to the assistant manager or any senior informing them about the reason and asking them to accept the application for absent from any kind of work.

Following are the Templates of the Absence due to any Reason from Work Explanation Letter: 

Explanation Letter of being Absent without Informing Anyone:

XYZ Company,
Location, city, country.

Respected Assistant Manager,

I am John Harry, a worker from the optical fiber department. Yesterday the manager held an important meeting and all the workers were called to express their opinions but I wasn’t present there. Business personals were present there from various companies. Unluckily, I wasn’t able to join this meeting because of some issues. I have only one son and he slipped from the escalator and got injuries. I was working in the office at that time and when my wife called me and told me about this accident, I rushed back home. Sir, God gifted me only one son and I was ready to do everything to save him. Sir, I apologize for being absent from that meeting. Please let me tell you that yesterday I tried too much to come back to the meeting but Doctors urged me to be present there with my son for the sake of a decrease in his pain. That’s why I made the decision to not join the conference. Sir, I request you to forgive me for absence.

Kindly understand my problem and accept my application. I will be very thankful for the act of cooperation and kindness.

Thank you.

Yours Truly,
John Harry.

Letter for absence from Work or Office Template

Mr. Akhtar Ali,
CEO Nestle Beverages,

Subject: absent due to serious issue

Respected Sir, 

Please let me tell you, I have a son of 16-year who had a picnic with his schoolfellows to valley Nagar, Gilgit. Where they faced a dangerous accident with another bus. 8 boys died along with the bus driver. I come to know of this news from my son’s friend whose elder brother was also accompanying my son. He told me that, my son got fractures in his leg and arm. All patients were brought to the hospital. When I heard this, I become very anxious and rushed towards Gilgit. I was relieved after reaching the hospital and seeing my son. His accident was tragic for me because he is the only gift of God and I was ready to do everything at that time. Thank god my dearest son is alive, he got many injuries but now he is here in Lahore Jinnah hospital under observation. Doctors told me he will be better in some days. I tried too much to call the office to tell you but there was a network problem due to which I couldn’t tell you. I apologize that I didn’t tell you about my absence. Hope that you will accept my application.

Best Regards,
Abdullah Shah,
Regional Manager.

Letter for being Absent from Work due to Heavy Rain: 


Dear Manager, 

Sir, It is stated that my name is Sanam Batool and working as a supervisor in the accounts department. Today, when I open my eye early morning to get ready for office, it was raining very heavily. Due to rain, there was enough water on the roads and I was not able to make it to work. I tried too much to call you, due to network issues I could not inform you. I think there was a technical fault in signal towers. I feel very bad about being absent from the office. I will be very thankful for your kindness.

Thank You

Sanam Batool.

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