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Application for Leave of Absence: Leave of Absence Application Letter Format, Template, Sample

Absence Leave Application Letter Format and Template

The leave of Absence is written by the student or the office worker in order to request a day off professionally by stating the reasons or an excuse for which the leave is being requested.

Here is a sample of leave application of absence, for the head of any organization or institution to submit as a formality. We have to inform them when we have been absent from our work, office or school and tell them the reason for being absent. 

Following are the Samples and Formats of application for Leave of Absence:

Leave Letter for Absence:

Respected General Manager of administration,

I am Faiza khan working at your company as accountant in-charge in the sales department. Yesterday I did not come to the office due to some urgent work at home. I called your secretary that I will not come today. Sir, kindly grant me one day’s leave so that I can solve my urgent work.

I will be very thankful for your act of cooperation.

Thank you,
Faiza Khan.

Application for leave after being absent from office:

Respected Sir,

I am Saidain, working as a general supervisor in your company. Yesterday I was not present in the office due to some serious issues. My daughter was suffering from high fever and I had to take her to the hospital at duty time. I know how important my duties are but some family issues need our attention in an emergency situation. I apologize for being absent, and I hope you will accept my application.

I will be very thankful for your act of kindness.

General Supervisor.

Leave Application due to Wife’s Medical Emergency

Respected Madam,

I am Abdul Rana working in your office as a sales manager. I was not present in the office for the last three days due to my wife’s operation. She was suffering from heart disease and her operation was held in these last days and she needs my attention at that time. So that’s why I am not able to resume my duties. You are requested to mark leave for those absences, I will be very thankful for your this act of kindness.

Abdul Rana,
Sales Manager.

Leave Application due to a Road Accident

Mr. Max Durand,
Assistant Manager,

Respected Sir,

I think you’re doing well. I want to inform you that yesterday morning when I was coming towards the office I meet a tragic accident with another car. The rescue team came there on the spot and rushed me to the hospital. By the grace of God, I got no major injuries but the doctor told me to rest for one day. Due to this accident, I didn’t come to the office, my mobile phone was broken and I could not inform you because I had no other medium to call at that time. You are requested to kindly grant me leave for yesterday.

I will grateful for the act of cooperation. 

Thank you,
Wang Yang.

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