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Applications for Leave from College with different Excuses: Leave Letter Format from College, College Leave Application Template, Sample, Examples

How to request a Leave Letter with Success from College?

If you are planning to take a day off from your college then you need to provide a valid excuse to ask for a leave from College and you can do that by writing an application for Leave from your Colleges.

Below is a sample of leaves applications for illness, internship program, marriage, urgent work, accident or any other issues from college.

Following are the sample and formats of application for Leave from College:

Application for Leave from College due to Brother’s Marriage

The Principal,
City Grammar School and College,

Respected sir,

I am a student of 1st-year pre-medical, roll no 52. I want to say that my brother is getting married in the next week. I will have to do many tasks on this occasion, I will have to go to the market to buy many items related to the ceremony.

So, I can’t come to college for 3 days. Kindly grant me leave for 3 days. I will be very thankful for your act of kindness.

Thank you,
Yours Obediently,
Abdul Rahman.

Application for Leave from College due to an Internship

The Headmaster,
Roots School,
Respected Sir,

I am a student of MBA last semester in your department, my specialization just started 3 weeks ago. These days are precious for me but kindly grant 1-day leave. I have started an internship and tomorrow, I have to visit the office in Lahore. 

Please allow me one day to visit the office. I will be very thankful for your act of kindness.

I am waiting for your positive response.

Yours Obediently,
Neelum Mir.

Application for leave due to Grandfather Death:

Roots international school and college,

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing fine. Last night our uncle informed us that our grandfather who was suffering from a serious disease has died. My family members told me to go with them at this time of sorrow. I know, the semester is ending and to absent from class, is a little bit reckless but now my family wants me to spend time with them in this hard time. 

So kindly grant me leave for 1 week so that I will be able to stay with my family for various rituals.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,

Ali Zafar,
Roll No: 34,
20 June 2019

Leave Application for College due to High Fever
(Leave Letter for Being Sick)

The Headmaster,
Angelique International School,
Respected Teacher,

It is stated that I have a high fever for the last 2 days. So I can’t come to school for attending classes. You are requested to grant me 2 days’ leaves from 02 May 2021 to 04 May 2021. 

I will be very thankful for your act of kindness.

Yours Obediently,
Sarwar Abbas.

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