Half Day Leave Application Letter

Half-Day Leave Application due to Exam: Format, Sample, Template, Example

Half-day Leave Application Letter due to an Exam

The Half Day Leave Application can be used to request a partial day off when you’re in need to take half-day off from your office working hours to appear for an exam.

Sample half-day leave, to appear in the examination application, from the office is available below:

Sample half Day Leave Application for Exam
Request for assessment leave)

Petronas Oilfield,

Subject: Request for half-day leave due to an Examination

Respected Manager Administration,

With due respect, I am Mr. Hanan, who serves as a junior app store management officer in your company. While I had applied for PMS Exams, I am writing this letter to remind you that my schedule for the test has been published. As expected, the first exam will be taken at 10 o’clock in the morning on March 19, 2021.

Because of the above-mentioned purpose, I ask you to give the first half short leave for the date indicated. I have attached a copy of my date sheet. I will ensure that I report to my workplace as soon as I get home from the exam center.

Thank you for your patience.
Yours sincerely,
Hanan Shakeel.

Half-Day Test Leave Application from Work

The United States of America.

Subject: Half-day break application letter due to an exam

Respected madam,

I am Iqra Nadeem, the web application developer, writing to ask for a half-day leave for one day. Today I have an assessment for the position of head constable in police and now I want to leave the office early to take my exam. Please pray for my test. I will have to leave the office as my paper time is 12 o clock. I assure you that because of this leave there will be no impact on my job because I have already completed the tasks of today.

Alex Hailes,
Web application developer.

Half Daybreak Letter because of Examination

Metro Cash & Carry,

Subject: Half-day Leave application letter due to an exam

Dear Manager Recruitment,

I hope you are well and fit. I am writing to update you that I, Usman Mehmood, work in the distribution management section of the Department of Allopathic Medicine. As you know, I’m already pursuing a Master of Business Administration from a private university, so I’m going to university for evening classes.

Today is the start of my mid-term exams. For this, I will need to get to university for training a little early as well as find the examination room. So I ask you to allow me to for half a day today, so I can get there in time.

Usman Mehmood.

Request for Half Day off Leave Application for an Exam

The Business Coordinator,

WELCOME Textile Industry,

Subject: Request for Half day off leave

Respected Sir,

It is mentioned that as I had taken admission in the University of Art and Design for my degree in graphics designing, my final examinations are near. I need to do preparation. Kindly award me a leave for one day for this reason. I will be grateful to you for this kindness.

Yours Sincerely,
Senorita joseph.

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