Half Day Leave Application Letter

Application for Half Day Leave by Parents Format, Template, Sample, Example

Half Day Leave Application Letter Sample

The application for Half Day off is written in order to request for half-day leave from the educational institute or from a company where you study or work.

If the student needs leave for half-day, they have to present an application to the principal or the headmaster of the school from their guardians.

Below are samples of applications from parents to the school to ask for half leave due to various reasons.

Sample Application for Half Day leave by parents:

Application for Half Day Leave by Father

The Headmaster,
Senior officer school,
Green town, West Street,

Subject: Half leave to attend a marriage ceremony

Respected sir,

It is stated that my daughter, Ayesha Noor Khan, a student of class 9-B wants a short leave for attending the marriage ceremony of her cousin. I want to take her early at 11 o’clock. 

I have purchased the tickets as we have to go to Sheikhupura for attending the Barat. I hope you understand my problem, so please give her a short leave so she can attend the marriage ceremony. I humbly request you to accept application

Hassan Ali.   

Half-day leave Request Letter by Guardian

The Principle,
ABC School,
Green town, West Street,

Respected madam,

Most respectfully, it is stated that my son is a student of grade 2. He suffered from dengue last summer. He has become very weak after recovery. He mostly feels pain in his eyes and throat. I am really worried about him. I am taking precautionary measures to bring his health back to normal.

I understand that his classes are important but a healthy body has a healthy mind. He is becoming weak in studies due to bad health. I am really worried about his health. I took him to the hospital a few days ago.  The doctor called me for his checkup.

I request to give him short leave so that I can take him to the hospital for further checkups. I shall be thankful to you.

Mrs. Noor Hassan.

Half-Day Leave Application by Parents


The head of the department,
International Technical Institution.

Respected Sir,

My son Irfan Khan is a student at your college. He is in part one. I am a police officer and shifted to Sweden two years ago. Due to busy life, I am not able to visit my home town. I have taken leave from my office. I wanted to take my son too with me. He also does not has time due to his studies.

I made a plan to visit the village for one day. I have bought tickets too. So please grant a half left to my son. I hope you will let him go.

I shall be grateful to you 

Chris Gardner,
Father of Samuel Salis.

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