Family Function Leave Application

Leave application due to a Family Function Format: Leave Letter for Family Functions Sample, Template, Examples

Family Leave Application for Functions Format, Sample, Example

Family events are important and to be a part of these events; sometimes it becomes troublesome due to the office or schooling. But there is a way to take off from your schools or offices in case you have an upcoming family event and to do so, you need to write a Leave Application Letter due to a family event.

Following is one of the Sample leave letter applications to senior officers of an organization to get long leave for offering umrah or tour to hill stations etc. If you want vacations for a long period of time, you have to inform your superiors about the reason for the long vacations.

Sample Family Leave Application for Functions

The principle,
Junior Officer High School,
PCSIR Lahore,

Subject: Leave Application for Umrah

Respected sir,

I am fine. I hope you will also be fine by the grace of God Almighty. 

I am writing to you to get a month of leave from school. I and my family have to go to umrah. Our whole family had applied in a raffle for Umrah and have been selected. I am very excited and happy about the tour. I have completed all the arrangements. 

We are leaving on March 14, 2022. Our seats are confirmed. You know that it is our first and for most obligation to pray to God, so please give me leaves for one month. You know that I am a regular and punctual student. I will pray to God for you.

I shall be thankful to you.

Yours obediently,
Bilal Saleem,
Class 9-B.

Family Leave Application for Trip

The principle,
Junior Officer High School,
PCSIR Lahore,

Subject: Leave Application due to a Family Tour

Respected madam,

With due respect, it is stated that I have to go on a trip next week. My family has planned a tour of the Soon Valley. As you know I got married a month ago, but we had made no plans due to my work in the office. You know that I had only four holidays at my wedding also. I want to enjoy my personal life. My wife’s family will also join us. My elder brother is also coming from abroad to join us. You know that I have taken on holiday in the last two years. Please give me leave so that I can spend time with my family.

I hope you will give me leaves on this occasion. I shall be grateful to you

Your’s sincerely,
Syed Hussain shah,
Graphic Designer.  

Family Leave Application to Spend Time with Family

The Director,
Fore Bug Software,

Subject: Leave application due to family time

Dear Madam,

It is stated that my family has planned a tour from Lahore to Dubai. My brother has requested all family members to join the tour. The tour is for about 3 weeks. I have already completed my work on the project.

I am now free from my work. I request you to grant a leave of a month so that I can spend my time with family in Dubai. I shall be grateful to you.

Yours Truly,

Awais Rajpoot,
Hr manager,
Development branches.

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